Dynamic Macroeconomics

An advanced textbook from MIT Press by Professor George Alogoskoufis

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. The Intertemporal Approach

3. Savings, Investment and Economic Growth

4. The Representative Household Model of Optimal Growth

5. Overlapping Generations Models of Growth

6. Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth

7. Money, Inflation and Economic Growth

8. Externalities, Human Capital and Technical Progress

9. Dynamic Stochastic Models with Rational Expectations

10. Consumption and Portfolio Choice under Uncertainty

11. Investment and the Cost of Capital

12. Money, Interest and Prices

13. The Stochastic Growth Model of Aggregate Fluctuations

14. Keynesian Models and the Phillips Curve

15. A Perfectly Competitive Model with Flexible Prices

16. A Model of Imperfect Competition and Staggered Pricing

17. A Model with Periodic Wage Contracts

18. Unemployment and Matching in the Labor Market

19. The Macroeconomic Implications of Financial Frictions

20. The Role of Monetary Policy

21. Fiscal Policy and Government Debt

22. Bubbles, Multiple Equilibria and Sunspots

23. The Interaction of Events and Ideas in Dynamic Macroeconomics


A. Variables, Functions and Optimization

B. Linear Models and Linear Algebra

C. Ordinary Differential Equations

D. Difference Equations

E. Methods of Intertemporal Optimization

F. Random Variables and Stochastic Processes





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